14 texting pranks to experience on your naive pals

Everyone has a cell phone in it, which means lucky for you, most people are susceptible to a vintage text message prank.

The ability of pranking has observed countless increases with all the surge of tech — however the days of prank phone calls or farting sounds applications are generally gone. Sorry to-break it to you, however the same exact jokes aren’t browsing cut it any longer.

Today, texting pranks need a refined cunningness to throw your own target off guard. You don’t need to turn to electronically cloning yourself to expertly prank some body. Owing to smart phones, you may have all you want within wallet. With some seconds plus some pre-planning, you’ll be able to get to be the grasp of text pranks that you have constantly dreamed of are. Below are a few in our preferences to pull out in times of demand.

1. Take advantage of the shortcut element

Probably the most underutilized purpose of the shortcut ability is for texting pranks. Certain, it is possible to modify your own settings to show a simple “omw” into “on my personal way!” or you can sneak into a friend’s cell and change “lol” on the lyrics of Rick Astley’s “never ever going to offer you upwards” or whatever you decide and see suit.

Just visit options > General > Keyboard > Text substitution, and go crazy.

2. GIFs include a prankster’s closest friend

Unless you know very well what to state, often the best thing to complete try react with a GIF. The same thought process can be placed on pranks — but unfortunately this only works for new iphone customers.

The texting bubble try an anxiety-riddling view, but sample texting your own pal a GIF of just one. They’ll certainly be observing the phone thinking exactly what in the arena try taking your a long time to respond, and it will need them too longer to realize you’ve really just sent a GIF.

Here is where you could install the texting bubble.

3. Horrify your grammar-enthusiast buddy

In an identical vein of replacing shortcut terms, iPhones make it simple to change-up some terminology that will drive the grammar enthusiast that you know insane. Put a shortcut that changes terms like “you’re” to “your” or “also” to “two.”

4. change your self into a robot

This texting prank requires the greatest determination and it isn’t something which can always getting pre-planned, but it’s worth it. Art a message that can easily be seen erroneously as a bot so when a friend messages, backup and insert the drawn up report as a response again and again up until the jig is up.

5. see lyrical

This texting prank has-been floating around on social media for some time, but keeps returning considering that the email address details are occasionally that close. Choose a track, any track — ideally one with inquiries or quick sentences — and find an undesirable spirit in your get in touch with number to gradually text words to, 1 by 1.

It is a slow burner but it’s worthwhile. Simply don’t become caught!

6. Sign all of them upwards for a text number

Folks from Kathy Griffin to activists bring texting records you could subscribe to. Analysis friend a favor and prank all of them by notifying these to modern comedy shows or protests happening within their location. Are going to very puzzled, even though you do not feel there to see the look of confusion, knowing the sensation are going to be there’s what’s essential.

7. Change call names

This prank is not suitable the faint of cardiovascular system. In case you are daring adequate, an amusing course of action are turn brands of associates in a friend’s cell. Sample modifying your name to “Mom” and watch the hilarious information roll around.

Do not do it a long time or perhaps you’ll spoil the best thing, but fair caution: If you’ve got buddies which gossip alot via text though, this may never be usually the one individually.

8. anybody of Nathan Fielder’s book pranks

For years, the Nathan For Your Family star happens to be tweeting texting pranks. The guy requires his enthusiasts to tweet from reactions to said prank, and the email address details are 10/10 humorous. Listed here are a couple to test out 1st:

9. the effectiveness of Airdrop

Sorry, Android people, this option can also be strictly for all the iPhone people.

Airdrops is underutilized equipment with plenty of prank capacity. Test giving a random funny image to a friend of framework and view her face illuminate throughout the area — only please, if you try this with strangers, carry out *not* Airdrop them unsuitable pictures, thanks really.

However, aided by the best image, it may be the perfect prank. Just to illustrate:

10. The old wallpaper switcharoo

There are 2 how to pick this prank: after move the first page of programs to an additional page, you can easily install a graphic of an artificial cracked monitor and also make your buddy’s wallpaper. Or, as proposed by BuzzFeed, possible replace their own wallpaper with a screenshot of the regular residence monitor. With all of their particular real software throughout the second page, the friend https://hookupdates.net/tr/book-of-sex-inceleme/ are scraping away to no get.

11. Send them a “ghost” image

Do you realize you can find applications which can create faux spirits to your photos? Well now you manage, on both Android os and apple’s ios.

Their pal might as well freaked-out to understand it is April 1 and a joke.

12. Re-send all of them a similar thing repeatedly

Is it probably the most imaginative prank? Absolutely not. But it are successful. Merely submit their pal alike expression time after time, a lot of times, with no reason. Its certain to bother them. Whenever they inquire what exactly is taking place possibly keep delivering the phrase, say it absolutely was an unusual connections, or get quiet.

13. forward all of them a turtle climbing off a briefcase

This is certainly a concept cribbed from the Netflix tv series Master of not one. In case you send someone a photograph of a turtle climbing off a briefcase, next follow with “whoops completely wrong individual,” it’s sure to put them baffled. You can select the image involved.

14. Never responding to the sms

The loneliest prank of these all.

This story was actually initial published in August 2018 and upgraded in March 2021.

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