Linux Motorist for Quickcam USB cams. Our site holds the Linux motorist for QuickCam show or QuickCam-related and QuickCam-compatible USB net digital cameras.


The original operate am done-by Georg Acher and got considered qce-ga; Jean-Frederic Clere grabbed that driver and created the basic Video4Linux (V4L) motorist, permitting prominent V4L programs for example Xawtv to show off photos through the cam. Since that time, a gaggle of creators throughout the world bring developed the motorist into its current state, creating assistance choosing products and chipsets since they are becoming readily available. In the deal, the drivers came to be generally qc-usb to reflect the point that they allows numerous USB-attached QuickCam cameras, not just the QuickCam specific.

Latest Variant

The latest model of the qc-usb motorist is 0.6.6. Have it through the Sourceforge release web page.

Supported Products

The qc-usb drivers is recognized to utilize the next webcams:

Normally, any USB cam with a USB company ID of 0x46d and a USB items identification of 0x840, 0x850, or 0x870 (hence, 0x46d:0x840, like), should do the job. Observe to find the USB ID of a camera.

To find out more about QuickCam internet products, go to original qc-usb webpage.


The QuickCam drivers is available in two methods.

  1. The qc-usb motorist am in the beginning focused on the QuickCam internet, but should now implement all cameras that actually work in addition with qce-ga. Its content has a superset qce-ga’s qualities as well as being the most well-liked driver. Almost everyone make use of this drivers. Downloading they from your Sourceforge release page.
  2. The CVS devices offered by the Sourceforge CVS intake information. The component names tends to be quickcam and qc-usb.


This segment explains tips make and install the qc-usb motorist for any Linux kernel. For current directions, satisfy look at the README that is included with the motorist. These manuals clarify getting make the drivers as a standalone section, the only option at the present time since the drivers haven’t (yet) recently been incorporated into the mainline kernel.

Unsupported Products

Particular newer Logitech QuickCam present and Labtec cams are documented never to do the job. These webcams have product or service IDs of 0x920 and 0x921. Of these products, you may be able to use the SPCA5xx driver, which contains and, plainly, obsoletes this trial driver.

Some other web cams generated by Logitech happen to be supported under Linux but use a separate driver. Here Logitech web cams are not compatible with this driver and they are dependent on other motorists:

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The development checklist is used for areas and development-related problems. You should will not give basic intake points or trouble with the developers’ list. The programmers’ number, like users’ list, is mirrored to Usenet at gmane.linux.drivers.quickcam.devel.


QuickCam® is registered trademark of Logitech. Neither this web site, the author about this blog, nor the designers and maintainers of Linux qc-usb drivers are employed by or associated with Logitech. This great site exists to grant support to Linux people of QuickCams.

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